About Tomas Lydahl

Tomas Lydahl was born and raised in Ystad, Sweden. In 1986, he moved to Los Angeles and started a successful career in the hotel industry. During his 18 years at Marriott Hotels, Tomas advanced quickly - from waiter, to restaurant manager, to Banquet manager, Director of food & beverage and Director of Sales.

A new era began in Sweden 2006 when he started his own company focusing on lectures about Customer Service, Sales and Personal Development.

Wow! That’s how you get your customers to brag about you!

Tomas Lydahl's first book was published in 2010 - “WOW! This is how you get your customers to brag about you! ”. After working as an interim CEO of Key Solutions AB in 2013 the company were rewarded the titles of Sweden's second best and Europe's third best place to work for medium-sized companies according to the world organization “Great Place To Work”. In 2015, Tomas Lydahl's second book was published; “What if – there are no reasons to be stressed” with the sub-heading “How to keep your calm no matter the situation”. A book that is about how to be the best version of yourself, even when the world is in chaos.

In recent years, Tomas has put more and more focus on companies and individuals who want to eliminate stress, pressure and worry, which is very crucial when it comes to great Leadership, Sales and Customer Service. He is an acclaimed lecturer, coach and a frequent facilitator of workshops. Tomas knows the art of inspiring people to new insights that will change people for life, and not just for the moment. 

A new understanding on how we can have much more peace of mind and happiness in our lives.

Tomas has studied Personal Development and Mental Training for over 30 years, and during these years implemented all available methods and techniques, without getting the results he was looking for. They seemed to work sometimes but not all the time.

His curiosity and determination to find the missing pieces of the puzzle (unconditional success and happiness) eventually led him to a Business Coach in London, England. In a four-day intensive coaching, Tomas looked in a completely new direction that he had not experienced before and that gave him all the answers he had been looking for. After many life-changing insights, Tomas decided to learn as much as he could about the new found understanding. He has since attended several seminars and workshops - in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom and Spain, among the most knowledgeable mentors in the field of psychological and mental well-being.