A whole new understanding of how we can feel better, perform better and enjoy life much more and more often.

Tomas studied personal development for over 20 years and during these years tried all available methods and techniques, without finding the right one. He always fell short of reaching the Peace of Mind and success he was looking for.

Peace of mind and balance in all situations.

Tomas curiosity and determination to find the missing piece of the puzzle, in order to achieve unconditional success and happiness, eventually led him to a business coach in London. In a four-day intensive coaching, Tomas was pointed in a completely new direction than he had ever experienced before, and this direction gave him all the answers he had been looking for, plus all the Peace of Mind, Happiness and Balance he could handle.

After many life-changing insights, Tomas decided to learn as much as he could about this newly found understanding. Since then he has attended a number of workshops in USA, Canada, UK and Spain by the most knowledgeable and respected mentors in the field of psychological and mental well-being.

The best version of yourself is always available

Today, Tomas understands how we as humans work in every second, regardless of situations or circumstances. He has gained an understanding that helps people to always act form a state where they are the best version of themselves. His clients have a Peace of Mind that they previously didn’t have, They’ve also built stronger and deeper relationships with loved ones and handle challenging situations with greater balance and creativity.

Researchers on stress and mental illness have come farther than ever before, but still people are feeling worse and worse mentally. The reason for this is very simple, we have innocently misunderstood how we actually work psychologically.

Once we gain insight into how our mental health works, we have the opportunity to achieve success and happiness with ease without struggle. We all deserve to have this understanding and Tomas is happy to share it, through his personal conversations.

Tomas calls himself a Fundamental Coach, because he knows that fundamentally are you perfect just the way you are. You just have misunderstood a few small things about your mental capability.

Why not discover that and live the rest of your life in harmony and happiness?

Here are some results from previous clients

  • Their self-confidence, self-esteem and self-image have improved.
  • Their communication ability has increased.
  • Creativity has increased.
  • They have strengthened and deepened their relationships with others.
  • Productivity and efficiency have increased.
  • The tendency to change has increased.
  • They have become better listeners.
  • They work better in teams.
  • Their negotiating ability has improved.
  • Curiosity about how others view things and their opinions has increased.
  • Better problem solver.
  • Stress, anxiety and frustration have diminished.
  • They experience more Peace of Mind and balance.
  • Restrictions / fears have diminished or disappeared altogether.
  • They make better and smarter decisions in all situations.

On the private side, they have had similar results

  • Their relationship with their partner gets better and deeper.
  • They have better relationships with their loved ones (children, siblings, parents).
  • Get more out of their free time.
  • Is more present with the family.
  • Doesn't take the job home as often - if at all.
  • Well-being, Peace of Mind and balance often increase dramatically.