Lectures & Workshops

Everyone wants to be inspired to prosperity and success

Companies do everything they can to create a workplace where everyone is happy and productive. This applies to both managers and employees in all departments. The problem is that personnel in all different kinds of workplaces are experiencing more stress, pressure and anxiety than ever before, even though the working conditions are generally better than they’ve ever been. If you want different results, you’ll need to do something different.

Continuing to push more personal development methods and mental training techniques down the staff’s throats will not help, because it they really did work in the first place, you would not have these issues in the first place. Now is the time to look in a completely different direction, and really find out the real cause of stress, pressure and anxiety.

Tomas Lydahl is one of the few Inspirational Speakers who will show you and your staff how to become the best version of yourselves, no matter circumstances or situations, and without methods, tools or techniques. You are all perfect just the way you are, once you understand how you really work mentally. 

The question is: How much money are you willing to lose before hiring Tomas as a Speaker to your next Company Event or Coach to your Leadership Team?