Love your job

As former CEO of Europe's third best workplace

Tomas Lydahl will show you how to create a workplace that employees can’t wait to get back to. Wouldn’t it be great if your entire staff would love their jobs?

Wouldn’t be great if all of your employees loved their jobs? We would like to believe that your company is one of those that really want to create a workplace where all employees are happy. But the challenge that all companies face, is that the all personnel don’t think the same, which makes it incredibly difficult to implement changes and arrangements that will please everyone.

Job satisfaction is a key to success, a driving force that is needed to create productivity and efficiency. Without it, people will have low motivation to perform. Stress and unhappiness cost companies and organizations a ton of money beyond sick-leave. We are talking about personnel working in a poor state of mind, which has a tremendous effect on their performance and judgement.

The big misunderstanding is that stress comes from work or workload, which is not true since people react differently to the exact same situation and the same amount of tasks at hand. All experiences come from the individual's own thinking about the work, tasks, work environment, relationships with colleagues / managers, etc.

This is very good news because this understanding can eliminate all kinds of stress, frustration, bad communication and misunderstandings. This knowledge increases self-confidence, productivity, well-being, team spirit and efficiency in all types of organizations. When people don’t get caught up in their thinking in the moment, energy, mental health and results will be increased and maintained in any company and organization.

Why not be a company that is ahead of the game and share this unique understanding that will improve performance in all situations. Can you afford not to?